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Multi-functional Rooftop Unit

  • Multi-functional Rooftop Unit
Multi-functional Rooftop Unit
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Split-type rooftop air conditioning unit is Jirong’s traditional competitive product. Its cooling capacity is from 22kw to 560kw, and air volume is from 5000m³/h to 80000m³/h. After years of improvement, the unit series is more complete and characterized with low noise, high static pressure and high control accuracy. It is safe, reliable, rainproof and dustproof, with small vibration, high anti-corrosion level and good sealing. Besides, it is easy to install and attractive in appearance.

①.  Complete specification: traditional series products such as cooling-only, electric heating, thermostat and humidistat, heat pump and clean type. New models such as all-year-round cooling type and environmentally friendly type, fully meeting clients’ various requirements and environmental requirements.

②.   Free combination with multiple functions: such as cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying, purifying, noise elimination, heat recovery and step control for air volume and cooling capacity and so on.

③.   Flexible placement: air handling section can be placed indoors or outdoors, and also can be placed in the same level as or different level of the compressing condensing section. All functional sections can be placed cases in line or stacked to save the space. The unit is sun-proof, corrosion-proof and storm-proof.

④. Quality branded components: high-performance scroll or screw compressor, stable operation; quality centrifugal fan, with strict adjustment of static and dynamic equilibrium, and effective isolation measures, achieving effective noise reduction.

⑤.   Humanized control method: micro-computer controller and backlit displayer for accurate control of temperature and humidity of the unit; reliable operation, with fault self-diagnosis and fault alarm function; easy operation and menu prompt operation, operation time and state of the unit are adjustable, realizing full-automatic monitoring.

⑥.   Multi-protections, such as high/low pressure protection, power protection, start-up delay protection, overload & short circuit protection and motor overheat protection and so on, safe and reliable.

⑦.   Special treatment: In accordance with specific requirements of application, the unit is available for explosion-proof and corrosion-proof treatment. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, military, pharmaceutical industries or special occasions where Class A, B, temperature T1-T4 flammable gases may be present, and dangerous explosion areas (division 1-2) with explosive gases mixture.

⑧.   Flexible combination of cooling capacity and air volume meets clients’ various requirements of different cooling capacity and air volume. Non-standard design is available in accordance with specific requirements.