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Special Air-conditioning Unit

  • Special Air-conditioning Unit
Special Air-conditioning Unit
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Combined Air Handling Unit for tobacco factories is featured with multiple functions, such as ventilation, cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying and air purifying and so on. Rated air volume range 2000-250000m3/h, cooling capacity range 12-2087kW, heating capacity 14-3328kW, fan total pressure more than 2000Pa. The unit is sorted into two types: standard units and fresh air units, with 25 specifications respectively.

The Combined Air Handling Unit for tobacco factories is mainly used in primary processing workshop and cigarette manufacturing departments of tobacco factories.

①.  High quality and superior performance: main components are selected from international branded product, such as fan, motor, humidifier, filter, heat exchanger, aluminum fins, and key parts for control system and so on.

②.   Reliable quality: Jirong owns internationally advanced testing center, ensuring unit performance through inspection on air volume, air pressure, cooling capacity and heating capacity.

③.   Modular design: This design enables flexible product, design, function sections to meet with client requirements

④.   Aluminum framework structure, firm and durable, good heat insulation and air tightness.
Aluminum alloy double-structure framework, smooth inner surface, dead zone free, smooth external surface.
Aluminum lining steel channel, anti-corrosive, good mechanical strength, maximum static pressure 2000Pa. Deformation rate of unit case ≤4‰.
Anti-cold bridge design ensures the surface free of condensation phenomenon. Dual-layer steel plate with inner plate made of stainless steel and external plate made of colour steel plate; built-in reinforced framework, with 50mm polyurethane insulation material in between.
Multi-point locking mechanism for access door, improving air-tightness of the unit and ensuring no cold bridge and no condensation phenomenon.
Sealing strip between panel and framework, ensuring air-tightness and insulation of the unit. The leakage rate of the unit is less than 1%.

⑤.  Corrosion resistant heat exchanger: the surface cooler and heater are made of copper tube and double sine-wave type copper fins (or hydrophilic aluminum fins), and conducted by mechanical expansion. The surface cooler is sized of 4, 6, and 8 rows. The framework and water pan are made of stainless steel.

⑥.   Dry type water pan with inclination, ensuring smooth drainage. Keep dry without bacteria.

⑦.   Self-cleaning filter: high efficiency, low resistance and self cleaning. There are several types available: air-reversed double cylinder filter, auto wash-type double cylinder filter, plate-type self-cleaning filter and multi-cylinder self-cleaning filter.

⑧.   Energy efficient humidifying method: steam humidifier and fog humidifier. Steam humidifier uses rapid diffusive dry stream to humidify in winter. Fog humidifier uses high pressure micro fog and gas-water mixture to humidify during transitional seasons, achieving efficient operation.

⑨.   All materials are saline-alkaline tolerant and adapted to operation environment of high temperature and humidity.