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Precision Thermostat and Humidistat Unit

  • Precision Thermostat and Humidistat Unit
Precision Thermostat and Humidistat Unit
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Adopting intelligent control and high automation, the unit is featured by multiple functions, such as ventilation, cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying and air purifying and so on. The components of the unit are selected from international branded products, and are highly efficient, reliable and precise. Temperature precision of conventional thermostat and humidistat unit is ±0.8℃, and humidity precision ±4%.

①     Two main series with 92 model specifications: air-cooled (HFN series) and water-cooled (H series). Cooling capacity range: 7-230kW.

②     Special insulation board, good insulation performance and low air leakage rate.

③     Heating method: electric heating, hot water or steam heating.

④     Humidifying method: electrode type, electric type or dry dream type.

⑤     Special model specifications available: partial fresh air, explosion proof, high temperature, low temperature and dual cooling source, etc.

⑥     Multiple safety protection functions, highly reliable.

⑦     Refrigerant: R22, R407C or R134a.